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Online Training - Build My Future OKC
Mini-Courses from Teach Construction


Measuring and Basic Tools

Measuring.jpg> Tape Measure
> Speed Square
> Basic Hand Tools
> Basic Power Tools


Painting and Framing

Painting.jpg> Intro to Painting
> Hand Masker
> Caulking Process
> Brush Care
> Plate Layout
> Wall Framing


Electrical Trade

Electrical.jpg> Electrical Hand Tools
> Electrical Wiring Materials
> Wiring Fundamentals, 4 videos


Intro to Plan Reading and Construction Math

Plans.jpg> Intro to Print Reading
> Print Reading Skills Excercise and Sample House Plans
> Applying Math to Construction, 6 videos

Mini-Courses from Home Builders Institute with Interplay Learning

Dig in and try residential construction simulations (SIM) in Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, and Solar compliments of the Home Builders Institute (HBI) and Interplay Learning.

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Intro to Electrical Circuits
How to Use a Multimeter
Toilet with SIM
Kitchen Sink with SIM

Solar Basics
Solar System Troubleshooting with SIM
HVAC - Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Intro to Refrigeration
Gas Furnace with SIM

Renewable Energy Course from Solar Energy International 

Intro to Renewable Energy - 6-hour free course with completion certificate

Building Best Practice Videos from Construction Instruction

Industry experts Mark LaLiberte, Justin Wilson, and Gord Cooke together represent a deep expert authority in building science. With over 70 years of combined experience, their team presents best building practice methods and a “house as a system” approach which ensures that each part of the house works in harmony with the others.

Click on the topic to see the video - Additional topics are available on the Construction Instruction Website and app.